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77% see their firm’s revenues rising next year – survey

A survey of UAE professionals has named poor management communication, little chance of promotion and shortsighted company vision as the reasons most likely to prompt resignation. 
The poll by office rental firm Regus also revealed that 77 percent of respondents expect their firm’s revenues to rise in the next year, with 59 percent expecting an uptick in the economy in early 2011.
The survey, which polled 15,000 employees worldwide and 110 in the UAE, showed 51 percent named poor management as the factor most likely to drive them to resign, while 47 percent said that lack of promotion would push them back into the job market. 
When asked what two measures would improve their employment package, respondents gave top billing to pay rises, medical insurance and flexible working hours.
“Stress caused by overwork has escalated during the past recession with people working harder and longer to make sure they can pay the mortgage,” said Mark Dixon, CEO of Regus. “Bonuses and job perks were cut back to weather the storm, but as the economy picks up employees will be flocking to businesses that promise them better conditions and not necessarily the biggest wage.”
The poll paints a picture of a broadly optimistic corporate sector, that expects an uptick in the economy in the first quarter of 2011 and rising company revenues.
Some 77 percent of those surveyed expect revenues to rise with employees in larger firms the most optimistic. More than 85 percent of respondents in firms with 250 or more staff are expecting an increase in revenues, compared to a global average of 70 percent.
Women and older workers, however, are less positive about their prospects. Some 60 percent of those questioned said that opportunities for older employees have dimmed in the downturn. Nearly 40 percent reported their sector actively avoided recruiting employees aged 55 or over, with smaller firms seen to be the most ageist.
Working conditions for women, however, appear to be improving. Nearly half of those polled – 49 percent – said their firm now offers perks such as flexible hours to working mothers. Respondents reported that around 22 percent of management posts are held by women, compared to a global average of 29 percent.


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