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Burundi govt. begins withdrawal of official vehicles from officers

 Less than 100 of the 1,700 vehicles in the fleet of the Burundian State have been withdrawn from traffic as part of a governmental m e asure aimed at reducing the cost incurred by official vehicles, official sources told PANA here Monday.

The measure came into force at the beginning of February and is to last two week s but only a little more than 80 vehicles were seen on Monday in a parking lot i n Bujumbura, the capital city of Burundi, reserved for accommodating the official

vehicles intended for auction sales to private individuals.

Most of the returned vehicles were in bad condition and some were towed to the p lace, park attendants said.

Nevertheless, the state is reportedly determined not to give up its decision eve n though no known police measure has been made yet against the recalcitrant civi l servants.

According to the Burundian Minister of Transports, Posts and Telecommunications, Philippe Njoni, the government is all the more interested in the measure of pri v atization of its fleet of cars that it could save up to 10 billion Burundian fra n cs (about US$ 10 million) per year.


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