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Lome hosts symposium on investment security in Africa

Concerned over the current financial crisis in the world, bu sinessmen in Togo organised a one-day meeting Tuesday to suggest ways to secure i nvestments in Africa.

The symposium, organised by the Task Force and Assistance in Security investment in Africa (GRASIA), was titled: “Security of investment, economic growth lever i n Saharan Africa.”

According to Komlan Sitsopé Kaglan, GRASIA chairman, “to allow the company to be tter manage its funding cycle to arouse trust of partners who offered fresh capi t al, a policy of funding and results must be defined to guarantee the repayment o f debt that helped to extend the funding cycle”.

The solution therefore lies, Kaglan said, “in observing rules and measures of in ternal self-governance that provided opportunities for a successful challenge.”

The symposium reviewed the political and financial practices in the area of the Economic and Monetary Union of West Africa (UEMOA) and the regulations in force,

calling heads of companies to comply with financial orthodoxy to secure investme n t in sub-Saharan Africa.

“In Africa, we must attack. We must not wait for the crisis to assail us before we react. We must pave the way and correct non-conformities and enable the conti n ent to embrace sustainable economic growth,” Kaglan said, adding that the securi t y of investments also required anticipation of crises due to “lack control of ma r ket credit monstrously extended” and ” blind trust for the market as the only ru l e of prosperity.”


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