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Tunisia : C5 is on sale for 52 to 60 thousand DT.

Yesterday, Wednesday, October 29th 2008, there was a double event at Aurès of the group Loukil. First, the arrival of the C5. Then and most importantly, the fact that i twas presented to the Tunisian public, in the presence of the Managing Director of Citroën, Gilles Michel  which something unique for a market of 37 thousand cars in 2007, for the brand. He will hammer during a press conference that «Tunisia is a country which counts for us» and will deny having any other purpose from his visit than the presentation of the new car, but we will learn, however, that this high official at Citroën met with the Tunisian State Secretary in charge of SMEs at the Ministry of Industry, to speak about compensation, importing a lot more cars into Tunisia by their representative, and impact of the entry of the brand in a period of technical disruption for some months, the Tunisian suppliers who are the other ring of the chain of compensation. He will not be very talkative when he was asked a question about this.

He will remain a lot less talkative to talk about the new C5, presented yesterday in Aures show room, in an atmosphere which recalls the last video clip of the brand, with the visible presence of a Venician band (the brand promotion video clip was filmed in Venice), who were dressed in the fashion 17th century and with a music from that time. «It is first the outside style of the new C5 which strikes. Elegant and distinguished. The berline displays research for an optimal aerodynamism ; the high belt and the wheels aspect confirm the belonging of the new C5 to the universe of statutory cars. Its concave wind screen and the dimentioning of its doors with a false -long in the front, short at the rear – show its belonging to the universe of the great Citroën», as very well formulated in the presentation brochure of this new comer in the management car market. But it is certainly Gilles Michel who can tell the best about it and will not lack the words to do so. «Strong style, exceptional service, acoustic comfort, seat comfort » he will say hammering that «i twill not disappoint, I give my word» before embarking again on more distinctive words about the new jewel which will sell in Tunisia for the price, all taxes included, of 52 and 60 mille DT. «Quality finish, precision of the lines and the assembling », will still say the DG of Citroën. Only the brochure will be more technical than the highly marketing look of the manufacturer adding «a successful synthesis of dynamism and comfort, the new C5 is as performant as the C6 in some respects, with an optimal filtering of the road irregularities. It is also distinguished by offering different choices of suspension: a Hydractive III suspension + which offers at the same time optimal comfort and a better drive, and on the other hand, a metallic suspension, which offers a more direct touch of the road while keeping the comfort qualities proper to Citroën know-how». Saying more, would certainly take away the charm of discovering it, which you can do at Aures show room in the area of the Lake of Tunis.

Objective : Sell 170 cars C 5.

Already available in Tunisia, the C5 should sell at 170 items, this is at least the objective of the brand, according to the declaration of the DG of the manufacturer. Gilles Michel will not also lack the words to boast the business of his representative in Tunisia. He will say that the presence of Citroën in Tunisie has clearly developed since his co-operation with Aures of the group Loukil whose registrations were multiplied by 3, the deliveries amounted to 37 thousands sales and at least the same numbers for 2008 and a market share of the Chevrons brand of 9%, thanks to the continuous eforts of the sales representative in terms of opening points of sales which amounted to 8 in the last two years. Aurès did indeed progress of 300% between 2005 and 2007 the sales of Citroën. In his press file, we will read that at the end of August, he realized a penetration rate of 17,4% in the segment of small vans and that his sales are at 35% in the petrol vehicles and 65% diesel.

The discussion with the journalists will deviate on the difficulties of the automobile sector, in all Europe and in France particularly, where more than one manufacturer is in technical disruption. G. Michel will then confirm thant «the Tunisian factories [the suppliers of the auto manufacturers] are revewing their production programmes for export downwardly, for the coming months». Bassam Loukil will then take the floor to clarify the declaration of Gilles Michel indicating that «we cannot yet know the importance of the impact, but I think it will be very small», but the information was given and this will have been the only “bad news” of this dazzling (it is the case with all the lusters reflecting the video clip and illuminating the hall) presentation, attended by all Tunis.


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