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Tunisia: investment intentions in services increase by 2.7

The investments reported in the service activities posted an increase of 2.7%, in 2022 (1046.2 MD against 1018.2 MD in 2021), according to the newsletter by the Agency for the Promotion of Industry and Innovation (APII).

The number of reported projects increased from 8 616 to 9 254, during the year 2022, up 7.4%. The number of jobs to be created reached 30260 against 29656 in 2021, an increase of 2%.

However, the reported investments in the activities of totally exporting services dropped 6.9%, to 109.8 MD, from 117.9 MD during the same period of the year 2021.

The investments with foreign participation reported in the service activities in 2022 represent only 11% of the total reported investments.

These investments increased from 75.7 MD in 2021 to 122.6 MD, in 2022, thus rising 62%.

The number of projects with foreign participation grew 25.6%, from 960 in 2021 to 1206 in 2022. Similarly, the jobs to be created, have seen an increase of 23.2%.

Investment intentions by Tunisians in services grew 5.1% in the number of projects and decreased by 2% in terms of investment and jobs to be generated.

Regarding manufacturing-related services, the reported investments, which represent 32.9% of the total investments reported in the service activities, declined by 4.7%, from 361.0 MD in 2021, to 344.0 MD in 2022.

The number of industry-related projects went down 0.4%, from 5,962 to 5,940 in 2022, and the number of related jobs increased from 15,512 in 2021 to 15,621 in 2022, up 0.7%.


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