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Tunisia: Italian investor offers to take over Jal Group

An Italian investor based in the free zone of Menzel Bourguba has made a formal offer to take over the company Jal Group, according to Secretary General of the General Federation of Textiles, Habib Lahzami who was speaking at the end of a working session at the Ministry of Social Affairs devoted to this issue.

Quoted by Attounsia, he said that the Italian investor has stated his willingness to take over the 1,300 employees of the company and allocate a budget of 15 million dinars to finance the departure of employees who will leave the Group.

The union side representing the UGTT through the Textile Federation and the regional labor union as well as the base unions of Bizerte, called for increasing the number of employees who will continue their activities within the company, as well as the severance pay, in order to improve the social climate in anticipation of the taking over of the company by the new investor.


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