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Tunisia-Survey: BCE and Chahed are no longer inspiring. The awakening is brutal…

According to the December barometer of Emrhod Consulting, carried out between December 22 and 24, 2016 and reported on Thursday by daily “Assabah”, only 32.7% of those surveyed said they were satisfied with the actions of the Head of State, Beji Caid Essebsi, against 41.9% last October, 43.7% in September 2016, 45.9% in July 2015, 49.4% in May 2015 and 51.4% in February 2015.

This decline is explained, according to the same source, by the rising tensions within the Nidaa Tounes party.

Regarding the performance of the national unity government (NUG), only 8.5% of the respondents said that the performance of the NUG is beyond their expectations.

44.1% found it below and 20.9% felt that the performance corresponded to their expectations. 26.5% did not pronounce on this subject.

Responding to a question on the evaluation of the work of Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, 28.6% said they were very satisfied or satisfied in December 2016, against 35.1% last October. 52.1% were dissatisfied with his performance in December and 19.2% did not comment on this issue.

According to the same source, the decline in the satisfaction rate can be explained in particular by the various retreats of the government against trade unions and organizations representing trades under the Finance Law 2017. The government is also sanctioned, wrongly or rightly, because of the agitation sparked by the debate on the return of Tunisian terrorists from conflict zones.

The downgrading of the executive branch is also due to a certain security “shortcoming”, illustrated by the assassination of engineer Mohamed Zouari in Sfax and the fact that an Israeli journalist could, right under the nose of, conduct a news report in Tunisia.

Regarding the index of economic hope, only 23% of Tunisians surveyed in December 2016 considered that the economic situation of the country is on the way to the improvement against 34% last October, 31.1% in September and 33.60% in July 2015.

65% of respondents in December considered that the economic situation of the country deteriorated against 50.1% in October 2016, 44.20% in September and 46% in July last year.

61.2% of respondents said they were optimistic for the coming days against 65.8% last October, 67.4% in September and 75.6% in July 2015.

This decline in the rate of optimism is explained by the deterioration of the economic situation and the increase in security risks.

31.6% of Tunisians say they are pessimistic for the coming days against 26.20% in October 2016, 27.2% in September and 20.2% in July 2015.

It should be noted that the survey was carried out between December 22 and 24, 2016 and involved 1,280 people by telephone in the 24 governorates of the country.


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