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Tunisia: two new banknotes of 50 D and 5 D issued (BCT)

The Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) is putting into circulation, from April 28, 2022, two new Tunisian banknotes of fifty dinars (type 2022) and five dinars (type 2022) with legal tender and releasing power.

These two new banknotes will circulate concurrently with other banknotes and coins currently in circulation, the BCT said in a statement Thursday.

With a size of 158 mm x 79 mm, the 50 dinars (type 2022) represents on the front the portrait of “HEDI NOUIRA” (1911-1993).

Nouira is one of the great figures of the Tunisian national movement for independence. He was founder and first governor of the Central Bank of Tunisia since its creation in 1958 and until 1970 then Prime Minister from 1970 to 1980.

For the 5-dinar banknote type 2022, with a dimension of 143 mm x 73 mm, it represents on the front the portrait of “SLAHEDDINE EL AMAMI” (1936-1986); Tunisian agricultural engineer.

He had important contributions in the field of hydraulics and agricultural scientific research, including agricultural problems of arid and semi-arid areas, and more particularly, his studies on the issue of climate aridity.

The new 5-dinar banknote is rather green in color.


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