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Tunisia: Yassir acquires Tunisian startup KooL

Yassir, the African market leader in mobility and delivery services, has just acquired the 100% Tunisian start-up KooL, the undisputed leader in the northern suburbs of Tunis, the most competitive market.

Founded in March 2021, KooL has established itself as the benchmark for meal delivery in Tunis. Its success is based on its unanimously recognised excellent quality of service and exclusive partnerships with Tunisia’s most prestigious brands.

As for startup Yassir, it was founded by Noureddine Tayebi, an Algerian entrepreneur from Silicon Valley.

The startup raised the largest amount of funding in Africa ($193 million in total), including $150 million in its Series B.

Yassir was backed by prestigious Silicon Valley investors and participated in the Y Combinator program, a global benchmark for promising startups.

The support of leading institutional investors such as Sequoia Capital, BOND, Quiet Capital, DN Capital and P1 Ventures demonstrates the market’s confidence in Yassir’s vision and growth potential, consolidating its position as a leader in the African mobility and delivery services market.

Yassir’s acquisition aims to take KooL to new horizons of growth and innovation.

Both brands will continue to operate independently while capitalising on shared synergies.

Together, Yassir and Kool plan to redefine the delivery market in Tunisia.


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