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BNA changes its logo…and not only that!

The BNA is today a major brand with a strong reputation which is embarking on a new development and modernization strategy allowing it to display new ambitions and set new objectives.

The new positioning calls for an appropriate communication strategy to preserve the “Trust Capital” and the “Notoriety” enjoyed by the bank, to reinforce its identity and to highlight its values, its missions and its commitments.

In order to consolidate this evolution, the BNA is getting a new look: a new breath of fresh air introduced by a new visual identity to best reflect the values of the bank.

The launch of a new visual identity is an appropriate response to the new objectives, challenges and requirements in terms of communication and the profound changes the bank has gone through.

Two hands that shake

On the other hand, the BNA wishes to reflect an image of a citizen bank, modern, universal and of proximity, which offers a quality service and a competitive offer to its clientele: individuals, professionals, farmers and companies.

The objective is therefore to concretize this wish in terms of visibility through the creation and development of a new strong, coherent and specific visual identity for the bank, which will also enable the bank’s image to be rejuvenated.

The illustration of the new BNA logo is inspired by two hands shaking. A gesture that reflects benevolence and connection, two primordial aspects for a bank that has a glorious history impregnated by patriotism, citizenship, and an ambitious vision turned towards the future.

All of this is subtitled by the name of this institution. The logo is composed of two colors that distinguish between the brand and its activity and that embody prosperity and professionalism. Indeed, the BNA has kept its emblematic green color while redefining it to be brighter, more modern and more adapted to the media of the digital era. It has also accentuated the grey color, a sober and elegant color, previously present in its old logo to highlight its professionalism and ambition.

A “useful” bank

Mondher Lakhal, President and CEO of the BNA, the bank tends to be connected to its customers and the world around it. “With a mission to support the various economic players in the country, to meet the expectations of its customers and to consolidate its role in the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors, BNA aims to be a useful bank that plays a significant role in its ecosystem. However, it has built its new development strategy around three essential axes: people, society and progress. Thanks to these axes, the bank promises its customers to cherish closeness and benevolence in their relationships, to be more responsible and civic towards the collective and the country, and to ensure prosperity in order to guarantee development at the pace of the times”, he assured during the evening event organized on Wednesday, March 1, on the launch of the bank’s new visual identity.

The BNA also offers quality banking services, particularly in terms of deposits and credit distribution. In addition, investment plays an important role in the creation of wealth and the well-being of individuals and the country. BNA has often worked to promote entrepreneurship in various fields.

Wishing to renew itself while preserving its values, its capital of trust and its reputation, the BNA is now seeking to confirm its new positioning and its commitment to the environment, both in its social and climatic dimensions. As a first step, it is establishing its new identity by changing its logo.


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