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Guinean junta to recover debts owed to govt

The President of the Audit and Monitoring Committee in Guinea, Brigadier General Sékouba Konaté, will Thursday begin the process of rec o vering debts owed to the government with the publication of the list of 13 heavy

debtors to the State, PANA learnt here Wednesday from official sources.

The names of several senior government officials and operators in the economic s ector are on the list broadcast on the Guinean Radio Television (RTG).

The Managing Director of the Electricity of Guinea (EDG), Sékou Sanfina Diakité, tops the list, and is suspected to have embezzled more than US$ 6 million the g o vernment obtained from the national Bank of Paris (BNP-Paribas).

The Chairman and Managing Director of SAFRICOM, Alsény Barry, and the owner of Hamana, Mamady Kourouma (both of them rice importers) are said to have embezzled US$ 14.7 million obtained from the same bank.

The Chairman of the Group Futurelec, El Hadj Mamadou Sylla, reportedly close to the late President Lansana Conté, is accused of receiving US$ 22 million and 16 b illion Guinean francs with fake vouchers.

Sylla, arrested in 2006 for the same reason, was set free by President Conté, a move which sparked a general strike by the trade unions at the time.

Also, the former minister for Youth and Sports, Baidy Aribot, will have to expla in the whereabouts of about 70 billion Guinean francs which was allegedly spent o n Guinea’s participation in the 2008 African Cup of Nations in Ghana.

The former Finance Minister, Ousmane Gilded, who was the president of the Organi sing Committee of the 50th independence anniversary, celebrated 2 October, will have to justify how he used 25 billion Guineas francs budgetted for the event.

The former director in the Presidency, Idrissa Thiam, already in custody since l ast week at the Alpha Yaya military camp, is accused of embezzling the US$ 40 mi l lion received from Kuwait.

The leader of the junta, Capitain Moussa Dadis Camara, had vowed that those he c alled “thieves will have to cough up what they took from the State.”


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