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Ifriquia Energy Hub in Tunis from September 18 to 20

The city of Tunis will host the first edition of the Ifriquia Energy Hub from September 18 to 20.

This major event, which will bring together the energy community in Tunisia and Africa, is organized by the Tunisian Energy Society (TENS) with the support of several institutional partners, including ETAP, ANME., the public distributor of petroleum products AGIL Energy, the Green Hydrogen Organization (GH2), the Tunisian Oil and Gas Association (ATPG), the Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company (STEG) and the Tunisia Africa Business Council (TABC).

Over the course of three days, speakers, decision-makers and internationally renowned participants will discuss the various strategies for improving energy security in Tunisia and on the African continent, as well as the opportunities for exchange in relation to the new energy challenges facing African countries.

The first edition of the Ifriquia Energy Hub will also address the issue of non-conventional energies, such as green hydrogen, and the means to exploit them while respecting the environment.

The Tunisian Energy Society (TENS) is a non-profit, non-partisan Tunisian association whose objective is to reflect on ways of good governance and to support initiatives aimed at improving energy security and making the management of the energy sector more optimal and efficient.


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