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Investment plan to boost competitiveness of Tunisia’s beekeeping value chain to be published soon 

An investment plan to boost the competitiveness of the beekeeping value chain in Tunisia is ready and will soon be published with a white paper and recommended actions and reforms, General Engineer at the Office of Livestock and Pasture (French: OEP) Sana Zitouni said on Monday.

In order to implement this plan, which is based on a study entitled “Elaboration of an initiative to strengthen the competitiveness of the Siliana and Kairouan beekeeping value chain”, funding of TND 650,000 is required”, she indicated at a national workshop on “Beekeeping sector in Tunisia: Economic and environmental importance and climate change”.”Some TND 160,000 will be mobilised through the Adaptation to Climate Change in Vulnerable Territories Programme (PACTE), and the rest will be sought from various donors,” she added.Six actions have been recommended in line with the identified challenges and opportunities, including improving the conditions for the production and quality of honey, preserving and developing the botanical potential of melliferous plants, promoting and creating local brands of quality honey and labelled honeys, supporting the marketing and distribution of local quality honey brands and labelled honeys, setting up an official quality sign for honey and supporting the organisation of processing and marketing.Official identification sign of quality and origin (French: SIQO) provide consumers with a guarantee that the food products they buy comply with a defined set of specifications.Taking the floor, Chief of Staff of Minister of Agriculture Abderraouf Ajimi pointed to the importance of the beekeeping sector in Tunisia, a source of income for many entrepreneurs in rural areas, mainly women.He further highlighted the need to relaunch beekeeping activity by bringing together the stakeholders and identifying areas for action to improve production techniques, value enhancement, adaptation to the impact of climate change and marketing techniques.In Tunisia, beekeeping is an activity that helps, through pollination, to combat land loss, desertification, deforestation and the shortage of water resources.Animal-based pollination contributes to 30% of global food production worldwide, and bee-pollinated crops contribute to approximately one-third of the total human dietary supply.


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