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Insurance sector : Need to introduce AI 

Artificial intelligence (AI) must be introduced into the insurance sector to improve services and identify new products, said Hatem Amira, executive director of the Tunisian Federation of Insurance Companies (FTUSA).

Speaking on the sidelines of the 17th Carthage Insurance and Reinsurance RDV, held in Tunis on May 19-20, under the theme “The insurance industry and the challenges of artificial intelligence (AI)”, the official said that the benefits of AI in the insurance sector include simplifying information and making it available to the customer, who will no longer have to travel.

The aim is also to improve and personalise services and combat fraud, he added. The FTUSA is committed to creating an electronic platform that will contain information on the sector, companies and services provided.

He also announced the creation, in the coming weeks, of an Anti-Fraud Agency in the insurance sector, a project that will be implemented once its statutes have been approved.

For his part, Zouheir Attalah, Chief of Staff to the Minister of Finance, pointed out that AI in the insurance sector is a key component in supporting the national economy and predicting risks and fraud.

The risks of integrating AI in the sector need to be assessed and major digital transitions need to be prepared in advance, he stressed.


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