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No more muddle in public projects, “Tartib” lands

The launch of the new application “Tartib” was announced on Thursday, December 13 at a press conference by Minister of Development, Investment and International Cooperation Zied Ladhari.

Inspired by international best practices and incorporating the specific needs of the Tunisian government, the multidimensional “Tartib” approach is an innovative method that combines two multi-criteria analyzes to form a list of public investment projects classified according to their potential, budget constraints and government priorities.

This platform, which is being designed by the Ministry in cooperation with national and international partners, also aims to guide public projects in order to reduce regional disparities and strengthen social integration.

It aims to respond to the structural and cyclical challenges of Tunisia, by allowing a prioritization of public investment projects on the basis of a battery of objective criteria (quality of project preparation, economic efficiency, social equity, environmental equity, alignment with government priorities, impact on the available budget, impact on foreign exchange reserves and impact on the debt …).

In the same way, this new application fits in perfect coherence with the specific context of the management of the investment.

It is a decision support tool. its optimal use depends on the quality and reliability of the data transmitted. Its particularity lies in the combination of two multi-criteria analyzes: the first qualifies the projects in terms of their maturation and their contribution to sustainable development, while the second analysis classifies projects according to macro-budgetary constraints and sector-based and geographic priorities established by the government.

It should be noted that the importance of launching this platform dedicated to the programming of public projects according to the priority and the yield was at the heart of a meeting between Ladhari, World Bank (WB) Country Manager for Tunisia, Tony Verheijen and Executive Director of Operations at the French Agency for International Technical Expertise (AFETI), Hervé Conan.

Representatives of the WB and AFETI stressed the commitment of their institutions to support this platform which plays a leading role in the classification of priority public projects in Tunisia.


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