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Ooredoo to take part in Algeria’s 3G licencing

Algeria’s speedy and professional launching of the 3G licencing process will offer customers access to world-class, next-generation services in the near future, said the chairman of Ooredoo, adding that the firm will take part in the 3G development.

“We welcome the Algerian Authorities’ decision to begin the process for granting 3G licenses,” added Sheikh Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saud Al-Thani.

“As a long-term partner in the growth and development of the telecommunications sector in Algeria, Ooredoo will participate fully in this process.”

“We have seen how people around the world benefit from 3G innovations, and know that a new 3G network will enrich the lives of customers across Algeria. In particular, we want to play a role in enabling Algerian developers and young innovators to create local apps and content, to better meet the needs of the people of this proud nation,” Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani noted.

The revenue of Nedjma, Qatar-based Ooredoo’s footprint in Algeria, increased by 19 per cent from H1 2012 to H1 2013, from $460.6 million to $523.6, and the company has nearly 10 million customers. With investments of more than $338.9 million during the last 18 months, Nedjma remains a leading investor in Algeria’s telecommunication sector.

The company has already invested in 3G-ready technology and network enhancements that position it to deliver high class coverage, performance and range of services for customers.


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