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Tunisia: flow of foreign investment down 7.6% in 2019

The flow of foreign investment edged down 7.6% to reach 2,648.2 million dinars (MD) in 2019 against 2,866.3 MD in 2018, according to the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA).

In Dollars, the FDI reached 902.4 million and in Euro 805.4 million.

The economic balance for 2019 projected the attraction of FDI worth about 3,000 MD.

Foreign investments are divided between 2,479.1 MD of FDI, down 9.6% (124.1 MD in 2018) and 169.1 MD in portfolio, up 36% (2,742.1 MD in 2018).

The sector-based distribution of these investments shows a respective decline by 51% and 75% of investments in the services and agriculture sectors to reach 302 MD and 18.6 MD, respectively and a slight growth of the industrial sector by 10% to 1,249 MD, against 1,129.5 MD in 2018.

Investments in the energy sector stabilized at 909.4 MD.

The FDI flow, excluding energy recorded in 2019, helped carry out 603 investment operations with a total value of 1,569.6 MD, generating 14,353 new jobs.

Among these investment projects, 126 operations concern new projects worth 209 MD, helping create 5,567 new jobs. About 477 investment operations concern extension projects worth 1,360.7 MD, creating 11,786 direct jobs.

The FIPA revealed a regional disparity in the geographical distribution of FDI. 40% of investments (634.4 MD) were made in Greater Tunis (Tunis, Ariana, Manouba, Ben Arous).

The North-east comes second (321.1 MD), followed by the East-centre (250.8 MD), then the South-east (158.8 MD), the South-west (135.9 MD) and the North-west only 5.9 MD.

France is the first foreign investor in Tunisia (540.6 MD, i.e. 34% of the total FDI), followed by Germany (180.7 MD), then Italy (173.7 MD) and Qatar (152.9 MD).


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