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Tunisia: fruit exports rise 28% since start of 2020 (GIFruits)

The volume of exported fruits has risen by 28% from the start of 2020 until the 1st week of June, with a value standing at 28 million Tunisian dinars (MD), despite border shutdown and suspension of flights decided to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The volume of exported fruits has reached 8,940 tons against 6,961 tons during the same period in 2019, according to the Fruit Inter-professional Grouping (GIFruits).

Tunisia’s exports were directed in that period to 17 countries, including Libya (3,300 tons worth 6.4 MD), Italy (3,312 tons for 5.4 MD), United Arab Emirates (242 tons for 3.2 MD), Saudi Arabia (200 tons for 2.6 MD), Qatar (211 tons for 2.3 MD) and Russia (303 tons for 1.6 MD).

Exports to and imports from Gulf countries have been carried out through repatriation flights of Tunisians stranded in these countries.

About 13 fruit varieties have been exported towards these countries, namely watermelon (3,905 tons for 5.9 MD), peach (2,477 tons for 8 MD), apricot (854 tons for 2.7 MD) and strawberries (368 tons for 5 MD).


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