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Tunisia: exchange offices purchase more than 470 MD of foreign currency at end April

The Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) has granted 122 single authorizations to carry out exchange transactions through foreign exchange offices until the end of May 2020.

The level of foreign exchange purchases of these independent exchange offices in operation reached the sum of 474 million dinars on May 1, compared to 350 million at the end of February.

This rise observed during the two months of general lockdown marked by the halt of tourist activities reflects the magnitude of the volume of foreign currency circulating in the parallel market.

The first exchange offices became operational in March 2019. The applicant having obtained the authorization from the BCT and benefiting from a unique identifier must carry out the actual exercise of exchange activity within a period not exceeding three months from the date of authorization.

These offices are in a logic of anti-money laundering and operate 24/24, essentially to serve Algerian and Libyan tourists as well as Tunisians Residing Abroad (TRE).

This is indeed a simple and secure means for them but also and above all a way for the BCT to monitor these operations.


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