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Tunisia, Libya agree to increase number of flights from 3 Libyan airports

The Ministry of Transportation of the Government of National Unity, on Monday, announced an agreement to increase the number of flights to Tunisia from 3 Libyan airports.

This came at a meeting between the Minister of Communications Mohamed Salem Al-Shoubi, and Tunisia’s ambassador to Libya, Lassaad Lajili.

The Ministry of Transportation said it was agreed to increase the number of flights between Misurata Airport – Tunisia, Sebha Airport – Tunisia, and Al-Abraq Airport – Tunisia.

They also discussed ways to intensify airport security coordination committees by organizing a number of technical meetings between the security services between the two countries, to assess airports and speed up the return of flights between the two countries.

The meeting discussed a number of issues related to organizing the movement of ports and border crossings between the two countries and the land port of Ras Jedir in particular, where another alternative port was proposed for the movement of trucks to ease traffic jams for travelers, inaugurate a maritime line and return air traffic to Tunisian Airlines.

The decision to prevent the European Union from entering Libyan airspace, or using European airports, and seeking technical advice for the return of European planes to Libyan airspace was also discussed.


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