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Tunisia named by Forbes among 7 countries to be major tourist destinations in post-COVID

Forbes has named Tunisia among the top 7 countries with the potential to become major tourist destinations in the post-COVID period. 

“As the global tourism industry struggles in the midst of this unprecedented downturn, many nations around the world are preparing for a boom in international visitors once travel is more feasible – for some countries, this could be their first opportunity to establish themselves as a prominent regional force for tourism,” said an article written by Forbes contributor Jared Ranahan.

“While the following countries: Ethiopia, Iran, Myanmar (Burma), Georgia, The Philippines, Slovenia, and Tunisia have yet to become world-class destinations, the ingredients are all there – pristine natural beauty, historic ruins, and fascinating cultural experiences can be encountered in abundance across all these highly underrated nations.” reads the article.

The Forbes article writes about Tunisia:

 “Rife with picturesque Mediterranean beaches, ancient ruins, and Maghrebi cuisine, Tunisia is shaping up to be the perfect destination for those wishing to experience the vibrant and unique culture of North Africa.

For many potential visitors, the nation’s extensive coastline serves as a major draw – the northeastern Cap Bon peninsula is packed with idyllic white sand beaches, with the bustling capital of Tunis just a short distance away.

For history enthusiasts, the remnants of Carthage, one of the wealthiest cities to exist during the classical era, is an absolute must-see, while more daring adventurers can make the trek south for a tour of the Sahara Desert, the perfect destination for encountering remnants of historic Berber settlements.”


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