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Tunisia: nearly 6 million foreigners visited country in 2012

Tunisia welcomed 5 million 950 thousand and 795 non-resident aliens in 2012, according to statistics from the Border and Aliens Department of the Interior Ministry which indicate that nearly 3 million 597 thousand 617 people had accessed Tunisia by air, 1 million 256 thousand 789 people by land and 69,398 others by sea.

Libyans came first with 1 million 887 thousand 740 visitors last year, followed by Algeria with 901,674, a statement from the Ministry of Interior said.

As for European visitors, 985,217 of whom were French, 411,828 were German, 329,621 were British, 250,732 were Russian, 216,633 were Italian, 168,532 were Belgian and 109,554 were Polish.

The number of non-resident African visitors amounted to 39,478 people.

According to the same press release, cruise ship carrying 567,763 tourists and 1460 yachts carrying 5,341 tourists docked at Tunisian ports during the last year.


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