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Tunisia: new Libya could be good news for Tunisian economy, jobs (AfDB)

Post-Revolution Libya could generate significant economic and social benefits for Tunisia and its other neighbors, according to a new report from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

The report, in the AfDB’s latest North Africa Quarterly Analytical, is entitled: “New Libya, New Neighborhood: What Opportunities for Tunisia?”

The Libyan crisis had adverse effects on Tunisia, according to an earlier report by the Bank. However, the continued presence of Libyan nationals in Tunisia, who sought refuge across the border during the troubles, and high demand for Tunisian products have sent positive signals and contributed to the Tunisian economy.

Moreover, Libya offers job opportunities to Tunisian workers. Some Tunisians returned home during the period of civil strife, the report added.

However, a number of obstacles to trade, investment and labor mobility could continue, at least for the short term, AfDB indicated in its report.

Those obstacles include residence and work permits for Tunisians in Libya, business creation and transfer guarantee problems, the widespread presence of contraband goods and the development of a black market.

Through this report, AfDb seeks to identify opportunities for greater integration and propose a number of policy options and measures that might enable Tunisia to play a central role in Libya and benefit from its reconstruction.


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