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Tunisia produces 10 million barrels of crude oil in 2019

Tunisia’s crude oil production reached 10,061,051 barrels in 2019, posting a decrease of 8% compared to 2018, said the Tunisian Company of Petroleum Activities (ETAP).

This decrease is due to the poor performance of the country’s main deposits such as the Anaguid, Durra and Oued Zahr fields. The natural decline in production from the Adam and Ashtart fields is also behind this decline.

The quantities of commercial gas produced by Tunisia reached 1,193,526 tons of oil equivalent (toe) in 2019, i.e. a 15% drop compared to the same period in 2018.

The government body governing this sector also indicated that the cumulative production of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is estimated at 1,179,541 barrels in 2019, posting a decrease of 18% compared to the previous year.

This is a hard blow for Tunisia’s energy balance, which continues to see its deficit worsen.

The strong demand for energy and the continuous weakening of resources are causing an energy balance deficit of 435.5 million dinars in January 2020 alone, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

The structural energy deficit continues to grow, having reached 40% of the overall deficit in 2019. It will follow an upward trend since it will be around 73% in 2030, according to projections.

Tunisia: Tourism receipts continue to grow in 2020


Tunisia’s tourism receipts in 2020 continued effectively their growth that began last year.

According to the daily data of the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT), the cumulative receipts amount to 488.5 million dinars as of February 10, 2020, against 378.2 million on the same date in 2019, that is to say a growth of +110.3 million dinars or +29%.

In 2019, tourism receipts reached 5.6 billion dinars, up by 1.48 billion dinars (+35.7%) compared to 2018.

In euros, they amounted to €1.7 billion, while in dollars, they stood at $1.9 billion.

Last year Tunisia welcomed 9.4 million tourists, up by 13.6% compared to the previous year, including 2.788 million European tourists, 2.934 million Algerians, 1.956 million Libyans and 1.444 million Tunisian expatriates.


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