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Tunisia: Smokfil and TTI to be taken over by RNTA

We have learnt from official sources that the National Tobacco Board (French: RNTA) should soon acquire two confiscated companies.

These are Smokfil and TTI (Tunisian Tobacco Investment), specialized in the manufacture of cigarettes, according to Mohamed Ali Ayed, manager of the two confiscated companies besides his recent appointment to the head of SITS.

The two companies were confiscated from families of former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

Ayed had been appointed manager of the two companies to prepare their divestiture plans for the RNTA and his mission is nearing completion.

The plans have already been endorsed by the structure responsible for the management of confiscated property at the Prime Ministry and only the financial assessment of Smokfil and TTI is expected.

This should soon be made by experts to be appointed by the court. Therefore, it will be a public company that will buy two confiscated enterprises, which is a first in the history of confiscation in Tunisia.


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