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Algeria : Soon 2 Billion dollars exports, among which very few hydrocarbons

According to Algex, National agency for foreign trade promotion, Algerian non-hydrocarbon exports reached 1.8 billion dollars currently and should, for the first time, reach 2 billion dollars by the end of 2008.

According to Algex director, Algeria exports few manufactured, agricultural or agro-food products. Its exports banning hydrocarbons include mainly semi-products, raw products and petrol-derived products.

As to the General Director of Algex, the Algerian enterprises should look to breaking into the external markets. Otherwise, they will have to cope with the competition of foreign enterprises settling in their own market.

In order to optimise export capacities of the Algerian enterprises, a project Optimexport was launched last year in partnership with the French Agengy for Development (FAD). The project, with an amount of 2,5 million Euros, is co-financed by Algeria and the FAD. This is a pilot project targeting, in a first step, some fifty SMEs, said the director of Algex.

Furthermore, he explained that the said enterprises will be selected and identified by the end of November and that these SMEs, selected according to a sample by sector, will benefit of a coaching to export in terms of information, training and participation to fairs abroad.


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