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‘Botswana’s stability supports tourism growth’

Tourism hospitality group, Chobe Holdings which is listed on the Botswana Stock Exchange (BSE), has witnessed propped up wildlife tourism in Botswana, following political instability and human rights crises in the Middle East and North Africa regions.

“Wildlife based tourism to Botswana has benefitted considerably from the relative turmoil in East, North Africa and elsewhere in the world,” said Jimmy Gibson, Chobe Holdings’ chief executive office, in a commentary in the group half year results, published here on Thursday.

“Vital to our industry is that Botswana remains, despite all our regional difficulties, a haven of peace and prosperity for all its peoples and its wildlife resource,” adds Gibson.

Chobe Holdings believes that good governance is not only a corporate responsibility but a national responsibility and a regional responsibility for continents to unlock their bountiful potential.

Meanwhile, economic uncertainties dotted across the globe continue to pose a threat to the tourism outfit.

“We remain concerned with regard to events beyond our borders, especially the ongoing financial crisis in the Northern Hemisphere from where we draw the vast majority of our clientele, we have contrived to maintain occupancies at reasonable levels, this so despite increasing our rates in US Dollar terms,” said Gibson.

“The half did see a decline in European business but we are encouraged to note that this was adequately offset by increased volumes from other less favourable markets which bode well for the future,” he added.

Chobe holdings note potential to increase volumes from the more buoyant economies of Asia and South America.


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