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Botswana: Survey beam spotlight on Botswana’s ICT

Botswana has kicked off a nationwide information and communication technology (ICT) survey, targeting 2,440 households.

Lillian Setimela, Manager-Communication, Documentation & Dissemination at the country data agency Statistics Botswana (SB), on Tuesday said fieldwork for the survey has already started.

“The survey is being conducted in accordance with the Statistics Act of 2009 Cap 17:01, and is envisaged to capture data and information on critical ICT indicators as defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU),” Setimela said.

The objectives of the survey include obtaining socio-economic information with a view to understanding usage patterns of ICT services, collect, collate and analyze ICT statistics in line with World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).

In addition, determining the ICT access gaps and identity barriers to ICT access in Botswana provide a knowledge base for designing, evaluating and reformulating ICT policies, programmes and strategies and assess the digital divide in households in Botswana.

Setimela said the survey will provide data for international and regional benchmarking and for tracking progress forwards achieving the MDGs and the WSIS targets.

Statistics Botswana says the success of this survey is reliant on the reception of all targeted households and appeals for cooperation and patience during the active months of fieldwork or enumeration.

The survey resumed on 9 August and is scheduled to end on 29 September, 2014.


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