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Cameroon’s 2nd investment forum opens

Cameroon’s second Investment Forum, with the theme “Ensuring Sustainable and Long-Term Investment”, opened here Tuesday with about 100 donors, company managers, investors from Africa, Europe, the US and Asia participating.

The three-day session, tagged ‘Yaounde Forum’, organised in partnership with the Commonwealth Business Council, follows the one held in November 2006 and will provide investors and donors the opportunity to know and assess the investment opportunities in the areas of human resources, energy and trade, among others, in Cameroon.

During the forum, a book prepared by the Cameroon Investment Forum (CIF) with the support of the Prime Minister’s Investment Council (CIPM) – which details investment projects seeking technical or financial partners – will be presented to the participants.

Issues such as good practices on governance, the fight against corruption, the strengthening of the investment climate through the setting up and sanitation of the business environment and access to funding will dominate the proceedings.

Opening the meeting, Koosum Kaylan, chai of Business Action against Corruption (BAAC) of the Commonwealth, highlighted the importance for Cameroon to regularly host this kind of gathering.

On his part, Philippe Montigny, chair of Ethic Intelligence, expressed the belief that the business climate can improve in Cameroon only through a concerted fight against corruption.


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