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Canada’s Allana Potash announces drilling expansions in Ethiopia

Canada’s Allana Pot ash has announced that it has reached agreement with Meridian Drilling to complete additional 10,000 metres of core drilling for potash in eastern Ethiopia desert region, Afar.

According to a press statement on Friday, Allana has engaged Meridian Drilling to work on its Ethiopian potash project, which is in addition to a Phase I program of 2,500 to 3,000 metres as part of the overall program announced by the potash company in its earlier statements.

The drilling will be done in conjunction with the down hole seismic surveys and is part of the Phase II drilling program designed to establish sufficient resource to support a feasibility study.

A second drill rig and equipment capable of drilling to a depth of 800 metres are being mobilized from UK, according to Allana’s press release.

Phase I is progressing on the project as one of the holes was recently completed to a depth of approximately 208 metres.

Samples of potash from some of the holes drilled in Phase I are currently being shipped to Saskatoon, and likely arrive in the Allana’s lab next week. The evaluation and analysis to determine the quality of this mineral will take approximately two weeks, the company stated.

“The drill program is going full speed with the successful drilling of the fourth hole. …The 10,000-meter program… is a very positive development for the company as we are on track with our development program,” Farhad Abasov, President and CEO of Allana said.

Allana is a publicly traded corporation focusing on the acquisition and development of potash assets worldwide with particular interests on previously explored potash property in Ethiopia with Inferred Mineral Resource of over 100 million tonnes of potash mineralization.

It has approximately 116.5 million shares outstanding and trades on stock exchanges.


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