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Congo: Washington to strengthen cooperation with Congo on oil

The US ambassador in Congo, Stephanie Sullivan, on Friday announced in Brazzaville that her country will strengthen cooperation with Congo in the oil sector.

Speaking after talks with the Congolese minister of Oil, André Raphaël Loemba, she said: “We discussed important issues about US companies already working in Congo in the oil sector and others which are interested in it. I now have more knowledge of all aspects that concern the ministry. This will help me examine ways and means to improve cooperation between the United States and Congo.”

The two personalities also discussed the problem of environment, which is important for all oil activity.

“The minister informed me that when the exploitation licence is done, the survey on the environmental impact must be carried out. This too, I learned how it is done in Congo,” she said.

More than a dozen oil companies operate in Congo, the biggest of which are Total-Congo (France), ENI-Congo (Italy) and Chevron Overseas-Congo Ltd (United States).

In another development, Mr Loemba and Mrs Sullivan discussed the recent visit to Congo by the US Secretary for Maritime Affairs, Ray Mabus, after the US-Africa Leaders’ summit.

“Maritime security is very important as it also involves oil companies including US companies. This is to help Congo and other countries from the Gulf of Guinea to fight maritime piracy and tighten maritime security,” she said.


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