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Cote d’Ivoire: Trading at the West African Bourse ended the week low

Trading at the West African regional Stock Exchange (BRVM)  ended the week on the decline, with BRVM index 10 falling from 253.32 à 252.96 points, representing a fall of 1.14%.

The Composite BRVM index increased by 0.35% to 240.61 points, against the 239.76 points previously recorded.

The BRVM index-industry registered the highest increase with 160.45 points, representing an increase of 1.99%, compared to the previous week, while the BRVM-other sectors recorded a decrease of 331.17 points, representing -7.50%.

Total value of transaction was 1.72 billion CFA Francs for 1,418.252 shares against 2.32 billion CFA Francs for 5,931.368 shares exchange during the week.

The transactions involved 46 companies, including 33 on the equity market and 13 on the bond markets.

Market capitalization of equity market added up to 5,841.99 billion CFA Francs, against the 5.821.46 billion CFA Francs recorded last week, while that of the bond market reached 1,168.81 billion CFA Francs, against 1,168.43 billion CFA Francs previously recorded.

SICABLE CÔTE D’IVOIRE ended the week with 88.990 CFA Francs, representing an increase of  15.56%. But SOGB CÔTE D’IVOIRE slid  9.91% to 35 000 CFA Franc.

The highest  increases are as follows:

Sicable Côte d’Ivoire CABC                       77.010          88.990        15 .56%
Sode Côte d’Ivoire SDCC                       69.650              77.000         10.55%
Bank of Africa Côte d’Ivoire BOAC       69.500         76.000         09.35%
Bank of Africa Niger BOAN                       47.100         51.000         08.28%
Solibra Côte d’Ivoire SLB                     435.000       467.000         07.36%


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