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Fuel crisis persists in Lusaka as govt probes shortage

Fuel shortage has continued in Lusaka, the Zambian capit al, with the crisis entering its second week despite government’s assurance of sufficient stocks.

According to local media reports Wednesday, government has commenced investigati ons to establish the cause of the continued shortage of fuel in Lusaka and other parts of the country , even after offloading sufficient stocks on the market.

Energy Minister Kenneth Konga said government wanted to establish what had happe ned to the 400,000 litres of petrol which was offloaded in Lusaka on Monday.

Motorists have been queuing up for fuel at some of the few open filling stations in Lusaka. The shortage has been caused by the shutdown of the country’s sole oil refinery, Indeni, situated in N dola, in the northern Copperbelt.

”As far as the government is concerned, there is enough fuel in Lusaka and it i s for this reason that we want to get the truth of this matter. The question is where are the stocks which were of floaded in Lusaka,” the minister asked.

Konga said another consignment of 350,000 litres of petrol was expected in Lusak a late Tuesday and advised motorists against bulk buying to ensure there was no crisis of fuel in the midst of plenty .

The government has asked oil marketing companies to import 20 million litres of diesel and 11 million litres of petrol, and waived import duty on fuel for two weeks to facilitate the exercise.


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