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Gabonese oil workers poised for strike

The National Organisation of Oil Employees (ONEP) in Gabon announced Wednesday in Libreville that it was warming up for a strike action in the oil industry.

“This will only be embarked upon if the government fails to meet our claims,” the Deputy Secretary General of the ONEP, Hans Ivala, told newsmen Wednesday.

ONEP said it had given a final notice of the strike to the government and that their ultimatum would end on 27 March.

The union is asking the government to promulgate a decree regulating the employment and the admission of foreign workforce in the country.

ONEP groups 4,000 workers of the sector out of the 5,000 present in the different oil companies.

Oil is the main wealth of Gabon, which produces between 220,000 and 240,000 barrels a day.

Officially, receipts from oil fetches the state about 60 per cent of its budget


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