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Gambian leader motivates private sector operators

Gambian President Yahya Jammeh has assured the country’s private sector of support, describing it as â?an indispensable sector in the overall development of the co untry.â?

He also promised to ensure that government continues to create an environment co nducive to the growth of the sector, and advised operators to consider coming together for the purpose of con solidating their investments and increasing business relevance and profitability through the formation of joi nt ventures and partnerships.

The Gambian leader was speaking Sunday night at the Senegambia Hotel during the Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2009 Annual Dinner and Awards Night.

President Jammeh told the gathering of business people that his government neede d their active, enlightened and honest participation towards the goals laid out in the country’s Vision 2020 Blu eprint, as well as in the direction of the numerous efforts to transform Gambia’s economy into a virile on e in the shortest possible time.

President Jammeh said the event offered an opportunity for stakeholders to come together to â?discuss the way forward, review and accept shortcomings and reward excellenceâ?.

He pointed out that his government did not regard the private sector as a rival, adding: â?We see you as partners, partners on a journey with a common destination. A destination where poverty will be history, where de stitution will be a thing of the past and where everybody will be able to live in peace and tranquility.â?

He also challenged the Gambian private sector to pay greater attention to the ag ro-processing industry and to make efforts to invest in this area, listing the n u merous potential benefits and competitiveness that investment in this sector may

hold for its investors.

Among others, the president mentioned the local availability of fruits and other necessary raw materials as reasons why an astute investor may foray into this a r ea of opportunity.

Speaking earlier, Bai Mattarr Drammeh, President of the Gambian Chamber of Comme rce and Industry, thanked President Jammeh for attending the event.

He also commended his league of â?dedicated and committed board members as well as management committee groupsâ? whom, he said, have committed enormous time and resources to assist the business community even at t he expense of their own businesses.

â?My mission is a very simple one,â? said Mr. Drammeh. â?It is to promote the business interests of our business community. To improve the business know-how of its members, to consolidate operations, to get assistance t o raise and manage capital, to improve cash-flow and enhance credit worthiness.â? 




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