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Libya: Oil production rises 725,000 barrels/day

Libya’s oil production has risen steadily to reach 725,000 barrels/day despite the chaos in the country marked by bloody clashes between rival militia groups, the spokesperson for the National Oil company (NOC), Mohamed al-Harairi, said on Wednesday.

He said in a statement that the increase was possible thanks to the resumption of production at several sites.

The rise in production has also been accompanied by resumption of exports over the past few months following the lifting of blockades imposed at the main oil terminals in the east of the country by militias.

Libya, Africa’s fourth largest oil producer with 1.6 million barrels/day before the revolution that ousted Mouammar Kaddafi from power in 2011, slumped to less than 200,000 barrels/day after the closing of several oil terminals.


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