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Mena governments under pressure over water demand

The expanding populations, poor water management practices and increasing demand for water and wastewater treatment infrastructure is putting pressure on governments in the Mena region, according to a new study by Frost & Sullivan. The governments too have responded well by planning their policies and investments, said the global growth partnership company in its recent study, entitled “Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Market in Mena Countries,” which will be released shortly.

“The result has been a massive opportunity for water & wastewater treatment solution providers and other associated entities in the value chain such as advisory and financial services, design and planning services and electro mechanical equipment suppliers,” the expert pointed out in the report. The report also assesses the main challenges, drivers and restrains faced in the regional market and provides a comprehensive analysis of the current market status as well as the forecast for future developments. This study also provides competitive analysis of water and wastewater treatment solution providers. The base year is 2010 with forecasts running until 2015. Frost & Sullivan will organise an analyst briefing, ‘Water and Wastewater Infrastructure in Mena: Mounting Demand, Major Challenges and Opportunities,’ on Tuesday in Dubai. The major highlights of the briefing include the latest trends, market sizing, and market challenges at various levels, said the global growth company. It will also provide an overview and assessment of water and wastewater infrastructure market in the region. According to Frost & Sullivan, the Mena region is a pioneer in desalination plants and has witnessed huge investments in the water and wastewater sector in the recent years.

The growth in this sector has been impressive and the participants are preparing to grab the opportunities and take advantage of the promising market dynamics, it added. Frost & Sullivan said the briefing will see experts discussing emerging technologies, investments and future requirements for the Mena water and wastewater treatment infrastructure industry.

It will benefit water and wastewater treatment solution providers, electro-mechanical equipment manufacturers such as pump, sand filters, blowers, membranes, aerators and other component manufacturers, the statement added.


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