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New law for the jewellery sector in Mauritius

The jewellery sector and business will now be regulated under a new law, enacted this week.

The new law is aimed at making Mauritius a centre of excellence for the sale, importation and exportation of jewels and precious and semi-precious stones, one official in the Prime minister’s cabinet told PANA.

The new law replaces an earlier one dating back to 1999.

“Contrary to the former law which only provides for gold jewels, the new law covers hallmarking and trial of jewels made in silver and platinum”, the official declared.

The new legislation is going to help jewellers, under certain conditions, to use the hallmark of the state which will be more applicable to all jewels made in Mauritius than to those which are imported.

The official says that Mauritius can also, by virtue of the new law, adhere to the convention on the control and hallmarking of works in precious metals.

The convention is aimed at facilitating the trade of works in precious metals while ensuring the loyalty of competition and protection of the consumer, justified by the special nature of these works.

Mauritius has, according to the control bureau, a total of 475 jewellers operating throughout the island.


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