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Over 1,000 billion FCFA lost in Cameroon energy crisis in 10 years

The energy crisis Cameroon is experiencing has cost the national economy more than 1,000 billion FCFA between 2002 and 2012, an energy expert has said.

According to Kameni Djouteu, a consultant on energy issues, “the unreliable supply of electricity causes a lot of losses to the national economy, namely industries, households, and offices”.

He said: “From the 2002 energy crisis until 2012, Cameroon recorded losses of over 1,000 billion FCFA, or one-third of the country’s current budget. “

This means “the price to be paid for an hour-long power cut in Bonaberie, where nearly 1.5 million people live and where more than 100 industries are located, is very high”.

Djouteu said “a baker’s shop situated in Akwa, a commercial centre in Douala, loses around 500,000 FCFA per day in the event of a power cut and needs a 100,000 FCFA worth of fuel for its generator. The same goes for a sawmill located in the industrial zone which records nearly 400,000 FCFA loss during power cuts”.

The situation is worse in fish shops where rotten products are destroyed.


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