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Qatar’s teachers highest paid in Arab world

Qatar has the highest paid teachers in the Arab world followed by the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, Asharq Al Awsat reported.

Teachers in Qatar earn $80,000 per year. while in the UAE they net $60,000, in Kuwait they take in $55,000 and in Saudi Arabia they gross $50,000, the Saudi-owned newspaper reported.

The number of students enrolled at universities has soared as a result of the Arab world’s high population growth rate while the amount invested on those attending postgraduate studies remains low compared with developed countries, the newspaper reported.

The total number of students in the GCC is expected to rise to 11.6 million by 2016, more than a million more than last year, Alpen Capital said in a report in July.

By 2016, the GCC region is likely to have a total of 51,450 schools; out of which 20.6 percent will be private schools, according to Alpen Capital’s GCC Education Industry study.

Alpen said that despite the challenges that private providers face in terms of high initial investment and running costs, the education sector remains an attractive investment opportunity across the region. A shortage of skilled teachers continues to be major challenge for the GCC education sector, according to the study. The total number of students in the pre-primary and tertiary segments is expected to outpace the growth rate of primary and secondary segment.


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