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‘Telecoms sector in Africa, Mideast offers huge potential’

The telecommunications sector in Africa and Middle East (AME) region offers enormous potential for operators, vendors and investors alike as it reaches a new stage in its growth, according to the latest findings by Pyramid Research, which provides market analysis and consulting services to the communications industry.

“Capturing the untapped potentials in the region is not an easy task if the diversity of the region is not recognised and the individual markets are not treated with respect to their particular necessities,” said Kerem Arsal, Africa and Middle East Manager.

PR’s  ‘Telecommunications in Africa and the Middle East: Unique Opportunities in Diverse Markets’ report’, released Tuesday, evaluates some of the unique opportunities and challenges in a region that hosts economies ranging from the wealthy states of the Gulf to the populous sub-Saharan nations.

According to PR, mobile Internet revenue will maintain an explosive growth rate in the AME region and it will double in size to represent a US$25 billion opportunity by 2018.

Today, there are slightly more than 5 million households with FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) broadband in AME. By 2018, this figure will have risen to more than 16 million.

FTTH is able to deliver a multitude of data, voice and video services to the home.

In 2018, one in every two subscriptions will be running either on LTE (Long Term Evolution) or on 3G networks. Today, it is one in every four subscriptions.

“It is no doubt that AME is a region of high risks and high returns, and therefore in its markets, information is the most valuable resource,” said Arsal. 


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