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Tunisia: “Hannibal Lease” goes public

Mohamed Hechmi DJilani, CEO of the company “Hannibal Lease” rang the bell on Thursday morning at the seat of the Stock Exchange of Tunis (TSE), to mark the start of trading on the main market of the stock exchange.

This operation was carried out after an opening of capital amounting to 30.3% through a capital increase, involving the issuance of 1.740 million shares distributed through a public fixed price offer and a guaranteed placement at a price of 9,500 dinars per share.

The total amount raised in the market through the operation reached 16.53 MD.

“Hannibal Lease,” one of the major players in the bond market, has seen its business growing continuously, said Mr. Djilani, who argued that the IPO is “a step quite natural, since it allows him to raise substantial funds on the market. »

These funds will enable him to acquire means to develop his business and expand his market share.

The demand for the offer at fixed price represented 4.5 times the amount of shares offered and attracted 6,636 subscribers.

The guaranteed investment of “Hannibal Lease,” was signed by 23 sophisticated investors.

With the 5.74 million shares of nominal 5 dinars making up the capital of the company after its increase, introduced today in the main market, the market capitalization of Hannibal Lease amounted to 54.53 MTD.

“This clearly shows that the financial market is able to meet the needs of Tunisian companies, despite the economic downturn,” said Mohamed Bichiou, Director General of the Tunis Stock Exchange.

“Hannibal Lease,” is one of seven leasing companies listed, he indicated.

With this new IPO, the total number of listed companies has reached 66.

“At the end of 2013, we expect a total of 70 companies listed on the stock exchange after the approval of four new applications,” he announced.


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