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Tunisia: 2,703 guest workers hired abroad in nine months (ATCT)

The Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation has reported the hiring of 2,703 Tunisian guest workers until September 30, 2015, against 2,684 in the same period of 2014.

These recruitments have affected the field of education and higher education with 1303 guest workers, including 428 university professors who represent 48.2% of the conducted hiring, followed by the health sector with 594 guest workers and trade and marketing with 234 recruited.

Saudi Arabia occupies the first position in terms of recruitment of Tunisian skills with 929 guest workers or 34.3% of total hires, followed by Qatar with 435 recruited, the UAE with 269 guest workers and Oman with 253 recruited.

The number of guest workers hired in rose from 64 in 2014 to 204 this year. Arab countries have hired 2,284 Tunisian guest workers engaged until late September (84.5%).

Sixty-four hiring committees travelled to Tunisia to interview job applicants; ATCT also received 136 job offers.

Besides, 28 Tunisian experts conducted technical assistance missions as part of bilateral and triangular co-operation; 27 of the former were sent as part of a campaign to fight reversible blindness in Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Djibouti and Mozambique.

Another expert run a training session geared towards 28 executives from 10 African countries in education and management of housing and city rehabilitation projects.

Furthermore, the Agency organized 4 training sessions in Tunisia for 28 managers from 10 African countries in the fields of education and project management and the habitat and rehabilitation.


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