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Tunisia: Ali Laârayedh raises his voice, threatens Salafis

“The ministry will no longer tolerate actions and practices that may harm and undermine the security of citizens and especially the country’s stability.” This was stated, Thursday, by Interior Minister Ali Laârayedh at a press conference designed to take stock of the current situation faced by the country with waves of violence, while stressing the importance of activating the security policies adopted to achieve the desired objectives.

It was a strong message addressed to the various components of civil society and especially those who want to hinder the process of security in Tunisia.

Indeed, according to Ali Laârayedh, post-Revolutionary Tunisia faces many challenges which still agitate the different actors. Among these challenges, he cited the violence which is a source of major concern, prompting undoubtedly a growing sense of uncertainty among citizens.

In this context, the Minister stated that “There are individual violence and violence in gangs. In the latter, there are criminal, political and even religious violence.

Added to this the violence under social pretext, saying that” these acts of violence occur in the form of sit-ins and roadblocks. ”

The Minister dwelt on the religious violence. And on that register, he spoke of Salafis. He said there are two types of Salafis: intellectual Salafis who live peacefully and do not impose their beliefs and opinions and the others, that is to say the Salafis who want to impose a lifestyle and a way of society and who practice violence.

It is a worrying climate about which the Minister announced the revitalization of security policies adopted, recalling the state of emergency declared in Tunisia and which is still in force. “Although it is not really respected, the state of emergency is in force, and this dictates that we take all necessary measures to restore security in the country,” he emphasized.

Similarly, he focused on the reactivation of Law No. 4 of 1969 governing gatherings on public roads and demonstrations and allowing police response up to the use of live ammunition in case of attacks against sovereign institutions, such as police stations. “Our future policy is to end violence and to enforce the law in all its rigor,” he warned.

Soon, a circular governing trade union action

On another level, Ali Laârayedh pinpoints some unions with political affiliations, wanting to cause unrest. Visibly angry at the union, the minister announced “the publication, in the near future, of a circular governing trade union action, in accordance with the standards and rules applied in advanced countries.”

It is a strategic approach that aims to bring about transparency and democracy. This will be made only through educating citizens. A comprehensive program is needed…


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