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Tunisia: “Banque de l’Habitat” announces net profit of more than 115 million dinars

The “Banque de l’Habitat” (BH) said it had achieved a net profit of 115.5 million dinars at the end of 2017 against 92.1 million in 2016, up more than 25%.

In addition, the Board of Directors, meeting on March 22, 2018, decided to convene an Ordinary General Meeting for April 26, 2018 and to propose the distribution of a dividend of 0.600 dinar per share against 0.300 dinar the previous year.

The BH will double the dividend per share even though the number of shares issued has been multiplied by 1.4 times compared to last year and this following the award of 6,800,000 free shares on November 17, 2017 and the issue in cash of 6,800,000 shares subscribed at the issue price of 10 dinars with a dividend date of January 1, 2017.

The total amount of dividends to be distributed for the year 2017 will amount to 28.56 million dinars, i.e. a Pay Out of 24.7% against 10.2 million distributed the previous year corresponding to a Pay Out of 11.1%.


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