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Tunisia: BH Bank improves its half-year net profit by 45% to 64 million dinars

BH Bank achieved an NBI of 270 million dinars, at the end of the first half of the current year, compared to 220 million dinars in the same half of the previous year, posting an increase of 50 million dinars, a surge of 22.4%.

The growth of the NBI was quite homogeneous between the various components of the latter. Indeed, the margin on interests grew by 24.9% to 150.3 million dinars.

The margin on commissions improved, meanwhile, by 18.9% to 51.1 million dinars and finally the margin on portfolio income appreciated by 17.4% to 48.4 million dinars.

The bank has relatively controlled its operating expenses, which have increased by only 7.3% (+7.1 million dinars) to 105.5 million dinars.

The productivity of the bank has clearly improved as a result. The coefficient of operation goes down to 39.1% against 44.6% on June 30, 2020.

At the end, BH Bank posted a result before provisions and before corporate tax if 168.7 million dinars, up 33.3% (+42.1 million dinars) compared to the end of June 2020.

However, the expenses of risk coverage are amplified by 57.7% recording an increase of 23.1 million dinars to 63 million dinars. The rate of growth of operating income is reduced to +22% to 105.7 million dinars.

The corporate tax expenses combined with other gains and losses on ordinary and extraordinary items stabilize overall at 41.8 million dinars making the net result of 63.9 million dinars against 44 million in the first half of 2020, a growth of 45%.


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