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Tunisia: BNA records about 2,782 million dinars of unrecoverable debt in 2021

according to the financial statements of the bank for the year 2021.

This classification was established in accordance with the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) Circular No. 24-91 of 1991, modified by Circular No. 2-2022 of March 4, 2022.

According to a report on state enterprises published by the Ministry of Finance at the end of 2022, the rate of non-performing loans reached 15.8% compared to 15.4% in 2019.

This increase is explained by the rise in receivables classified as 2, 3, 4 and 5, which are doubtful receivables whose recovery is uncertain, compared to 15.6% in 2021.

According to the report, the financial solvency ratio, which indicates the bank’s ability to honor its commitments, will grow 1.6 percentage points in 2020, reaching 19.8%, compared to 18.2% in 2019.

This ratio records a slight increase of 0.1 percentage points in 2021 to reach 19.8%, above the legal minimum, thanks to the improvement in the quality of commitments, in addition to the positive evolution of the Bank’s capital.

On the other hand, the coverage of classified exposures by provisions remains low, at 69.8% compared with 66.1% in 2020.

With regard to profits, the net result in 2021 will be 164.1 million dinars, while the total assets will be 16909 million dinars, i.e. a rate of return on banking activity of 0.96%, which is low.

This weakness is explained by the increase in operating expenses, including salaries, which will reach about 259.7 million dinars at the end of 2021 (an average gross monthly salary of an agent of about 10,350 dinars).

The decrease in the bank’s performance is explained by the high level of classified receivables and the decrease in provisions for receivables, the value of which did not exceed 51.4 million dinars at the end of the previous year, i.e. a decrease of 27.1% compared to 2020.

BNA is a state-owned bank established in May 1959. It is a public limited company under the Ministry of Finance. The bank’s share capital increased from 176 MD in 2018 to 320 MD, following a capital increase operation in which the State participated. The participation of the State and public shareholders amounts to 50.23% of the share capital.


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