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Tunisia-Craft:”Souk” in the heart of Manhattan Beach

Open for just over 3 months, The Souk is a unique shop in Manhattan Beach that features the work of Tunisian artisans. From handmade ceramics, rugs and blankets to cooking dishes and clothing, The Souk’s full range of hand-crafted products introduces customers to the culture of Tunisia, as well as its products.

The Souk is the latest local business from Adnen, originally from Tunisia, and Lenora Marouani. The husband and wife team owns Barsha Wines as well.

Among the Marouani’s most unusual items are vintage hand-woven rugs designed by Tunisian women, ceramic tagines, or baking dishes, children’s embroidered tunics and leather slippers, and the ceramic khamsas, hand-shaped serving and cooking dishes.

The Souk is a natural fit for the beach cities, notes Lenora Marouani. “The Souk style definitely melds well with beach style. The right rug or textile can definitely bring out the best in your beach house, and the shop is also a great hub for designers.”


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