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Tunisia: energy balance deficit worsens

The energy balance recorded a deficit of 2 million 775 thousand tons of oil equivalent (toe) in late August 2015, against 2 million 345 thousand toe during the same period in 2014.According to data from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, a copy of which was received by TAP, the index of energy independence increased from 62% in the first eight months of 2014 to 56% at the end of August 2015.

The primary energy demand increased from 6 million 136 thousand toe by the end of August 2014 to 6 million 325 thousand toe by the end of the same month in 2015, up 3%.

According to the finance department, this increase is explained by a growth of 16% in demand for petroleum products.

The primary energy resources decreased by 6% to 3 million 550 thousand toe during the first eight months 2015 from 3 million 791 thousand toe in late August 2014.

Oil production fell by 8%, natural gas production went down 4% and liquefied gas production decreased by 11%.

Domestic crude oil production reached one million 597 thousand toe in late August 2015.

Fuel consumption has increased by 12% reaching 1 million 759 thousand toe in late August 2015, representing about 55% of the overall oil consumption, against 58% during the same period in 2014.

Diesel consumption increased by 9%, unleaded petrol went up 18% and diesel 50 rose 14%.

The quantities of natural gas (domestic production plus tax on Algerian natural gas) reached 1 million 702 thousand toe at the end of last August, against 1 million 781 thousand toe recorded during the same period in 2014.

The Ministry of Industry explains this loss (4%) by the regression of domestic production, besides the 7% decline of its gas quota under passage through its territory of Algerian natural gas to Italy.

The same data show that the number of permits granted reached 31 permits for research and exploration to end August 2015 against 41 permits granted during the same period of 2014.


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