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Tunisia: FDI recovers 2010 level (10 months)

Foreign direct investment (FDI) reached a total of 1,657.0 million dinars at the end of the 10 months of 2012, i.e. nearly as much as in the same period of 2010, specifically 1,680.3 MTD according the latest figures of the Tunisian Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA).

However, portfolio investment amounted to 72.2 MTD against 220.3 MTD In the same period of 2010.

By sector, industries received 400.8 MTD against 429.2 MTD two years ago, tourism and real estate earned 75.0 MTD against 82.0 MTD in 2010 and services received 95.5 MDT compared with 116, 2 MTD.

However, foreign investment in agriculture has almost doubled from 2.6 MTD in 2010 to 4.6 MTD at the end of the 10 months of 2012, the financial sector recorded FDI of 25.1 MTD at the same date, against a null value, two years earlier, while the energy sector has attracted FDI worth 1,056.0 MTD, almost the same flow as 2010 (1,050.0 MTD).

By Country, France has made the highest FDI with about 179, 22 MTD, followed by Qatar with 123.80 MTD, then Italy with 98.61 MTD and Germany in the fourth position with 85.53 MTD.


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